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Come to Avalon Fire Protection for secure, reliable commercial fire protection services. Avalon offers commercial fire sprinkler system inspections, available quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to ensure your properties are compliant with state and local regulations. We also inspect for compliance with California State 5-Year Title 19 ¡V, and Fire Pump ¡V, for weekly, bi-weekly, pump runs, and certifications.

We are A full-service commercial fire protection provider, experienced in the complex, specialized needs of commercial fire sprinkler systems design, installation, maintenance, and repair. Our thorough, regular maintenance and knowledgeable planning will help you control fire sprinkler system costs.

We know you must ensure safety first, to protect life as well as property. We will work with you to design and install the most effective, safe, secure commercial fire systems appropriate to your building needs and for regulatory compliance. You can rely on us as commercial fire sprinkler contractors, for a combination of fire sprinkler installation, maintenance, and inspection expertise in commercial settings. Let us work with you to achieve the best, most cost-effective commercial fire sprinkler remodel and renovation, and keep your systems working in optimum condition. 

our goal

Our Goal is to build on the successes enjoyed to date and to firmly establish Avalon Fire Protection as a preferred contractor in the fire industry for quality of workmanship, reliability and in ensuring our clients' complete satisfaction.

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